Flash and Rumble Harem Pants

Running from Butterflies


  • Flash and Rumble Harem Pants
  • Flash and Rumble Harem Pants
  • Flash and Rumble Harem Pants

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100% Certified Organic Cotton Jersey

Gorgeous harem pants for both boys and girls. Super cozy and comfortable! 

"Flash and Rumble" is by Finland designer Ulla-Maj Saarinen, creator of 'The Story of Roo'.

The story of Roo is an imaginative story of a little kid called Roo who has difficulty falling asleep at bedtime. 

Every night hundreds of "Bunny the Dream Readers" from the planet of Kuinkuu come to earth to collect kid’s dreams. Since Roo had trouble falling asleep one Bunny accidentally picked his dream too early and Roo traveled with the dream to the world of Kuinkuu. The story of Roo starts when he opens his eyes on the surface of planet Kuinkuu and meets his new friend Mr. Daydreamer.

Mr. Daydreamer promises to bring Roo back home by morning. However, they still have a long night and the mysterious planet called Kuinkuu to explore...

Handmade in Australia.


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